Love is not a whisper or a weakness.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced those moments in life when everything couldn’t be better. Work is good, your social life is great, you maybe have a special someone who enhances your every day? Now and again though, life does have that way of bringing you back down to earth with a bump.

I lost a close family member this week and as you’d expect, it’s been tough. We’ve all lost someone though, it’s never easy and I guess we all deal with grief in our own way.

That said, these things can bring us together and it’s been really enriching to see everyone pulling together to comfort each other, to share stories and to try and lift spirits. The word love has been mentioned a lot. We’re family, obviously we love each other, but we’ve rarely said it aloud. That has changed this week and hopefully that will be the case going forward.

It’s not just family though, is it? How many people do you have in life that you love and you don’t tell on a regular basis? A song came on shuffle this morning that set me off and it applies to this post perfectly.

Remember, love is not a whisper or a weakness.

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