It was you I was thinking of.

I love being able to download albums and songs at the touch of a button but listening to music before the internet age was a great thing. Going into a record store was a great experience, I’ve lost count of the hours and days spent browsing.

Did anyone else record music off the radio and hurriedly try to pause before the DJ started speaking again?

Did anyone else make a mixtape for themselves or for a certain someone to try and impress them?

When having a clean out recently, I found a tape that I made for a girl that I liked when I was younger. Clearly I bottled it though when it came to actually giving it to her!

As another birthday approaches, it makes me smile when I think of how things change over the years. Making a mixtape for someone was a massive thing when I was younger. It showed someone that you liked them, that you maybe wanted to be more than just friends or simply that certain songs reminded you of them.

I miss those times and that innocence about music.

I think I’ll make a mixtape today. Hopefully this time though, I won’t bottle it.

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