When I was a cool kid..

As a fan of live music and music in general, I should really know better.

There have been a number of bands and artists that I’ve been to see recently that I’ve really enjoyed. I’m subscribed to various websites so that I can hear when and where my favourite musicians are touring. As soon as dates are announced for somewhere where said artists are playing that I can get to, I’m right on it.

That said, I’ve found myself recently thinking that I’ll just time my arrival at the gig/concert for whatever time the headline artist is due on. Not cool.

I’ve had to give myself a shake lately because I’m always interested in discovering good music and bands and this isn’t the attitude I had when I was a cool kid.

I loved the first album by Stereophonics, Word Gets Around. When I heard they were touring in Aberdeen in 1999, you can be damn sure I got tickets. I rocked up early because I was excited. The support band? I’d never heard of them at that time, they were a Canadian band called OurLadyPeace. They put on an amazing show, were very humble and I wanted to hear more of their stuff. I now have everything that they have ever released, they are one of my favourite bands, check them out.

I’ve been lucky enough to have visited New York more than once. I was there in September of 2010 and Marina & The Diamonds happened to be playing live. I like her stuff, she was just breaking through at the time and it was worth a couple of hours of my time. We bought tickets and because it was New York, we went along as soon as the doors opened.

Marina was amazing that night, good voice, good show and generally good fun. That said, she was massively upstaged by a band called Young The Giant.

They were outstanding but I had no idea who they were? It has to be said though, I absolutely loved their show, great night. Good tunes, outstanding musicians and clearly people who are passionate about their art. Common theme appearing, they are now one of my favourites.

When you go to your next concert or gig, think about arriving for the support act. You may well discover a new favourite.

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