Nobody said it was easy.

I’d do anything for the people closest to me, I know all of us will be the same though.

This week, someone that I’m close to split with his girlfriend of a decade, indeed she was and still is his best friend. Initially, he put it down to them wanting different things from life but he admitted that they’d never really discussed in detail the compromises that perhaps he could make. This would mean that they could and would go on loving each other, staying together and knowing that they would both have a fulfilling life, appreciating each other every day.

They love each other dearly, that much is clear to me. That said, it seems though sometimes that if you’ve been with someone for a while, it’s easy and natural perhaps, to take each other for granted.

The news this week saddens me deeply. It’s easy for me to say, but these are two of the most kind, decent people that you could ever hope to meet. It’s not only me that would say that either, there are many people across the country and around the world who would agree.

It may be the right thing to take time to have a break and for them to examine what they might be losing from each other. A period of reflection can help greatly, it can’t be nice to lose the best things in your life. I deeply hope that they both find happiness though and get everything that they want in life. It would be amazing however if that could be with both of them being back together.

Fingers crossed both, thinking of you now. Go back to the start?

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