Never ever, ever.

Where do you go to escape from your feelings? All of the broken hearts in the world still beat, don’t they? Out of the blue, the other half of you isn’t there for you or with you any more. It suddenly hits home that you might not know how to be yourself for a while. It’s tough as hell. You’ll have a moment now and again when you think about them. Something funny might happen. In that one moment, you’ll be laughing, and you immediately want to tell him or her what just took place. Life being the way it is, it’ll suddenly hit you though that he or she isn’t around. What do you do? Just chuck it in the fuck it bucket and move on?

It’s widely thought that you don’t get over someone until you find someone or something better. No one really does well with emptiness. You have to fill that vacuum because the hurt that emptiness causes can be too strong to cope with sometimes.

It’s easy to think that maybe you lost something or someone but what if you never needed it or them? Thinking can never take away your tears. Only time can do that. As painful as it may be, sometimes the one you want to be with most, is the one you’re best off without being in your life. You deserve someone that sends your senses batshit crazy every time that they smile. Every time that they glance at you.

Our hearts will be broken a hundred, a thousand, a million times over, but who says that our hearts were ever okay to begin with? Maybe they can withstand a few blows? It’s difficult not to love things to such a degree that these things become every fibre of your being. Surely and easily the best thing in the world ever, is to have a heart that has been through the worst but that can also bounce back? Bruises hurt at the time but the colours are beautiful.

Love isn’t about boasting or trying to get one over on an ex. Is it not about being with someone who makes you feel special and who can give you something that no one else can? The boy or girl that completely understands you and can laugh at your shit jokes. The one you trust the most and who you tell your problems to? The one who makes everything right?

Is it not right that what we learn is worth more than we have lost?

Someone finishing with you or getting dumped, depending on where you live in the world and your vernacular, sucks balls! They might want to stay friends. They might tell you that it’s them, not you. Standard break up chat, right? If you’re the dumper and not the dumpee, they might be devastated, whilst you’re relieved. It’s completely over for the person ending it but the hurt is just starting for the other.

The little habits, those people who are in your life can be hard to let go of.

The good relationships though, even those that end, aren’t a mistake. They’re a chance to learn about who you are, perhaps about the type of person that you you want to be. Relationships end. It happens every day. Does it mean you stop caring? Probably not. You can learn, you can love. Again.

Sure, you can miss people. Isn’t it possible, hell, maybe even probable that you just know that what you’re really missing is the way things were? Even if you could go there again, you can’t and shouldn’t go back. Are they the same? Are you the same? The loss of them changes you, no fucking question! People will tell you to follow your heart but sometimes, you can’t follow the direction that someone is going in. He or she will likely be everything that you could ever want and nothing that you could do would ever help. You’ll maybe never look at them the the same way again. You move on though. When you split with the next person though, is it wise to go back? An ex is an ex for a reason? If they’re in touch once they hear of your break up, can any good come of it? Never go back?

You loved them, you trusted them, but perhaps they deceived your heart and hurt your life. Why go back? Hate is a strong emotion but what if your heart will always cry for what they did?

You might realise that you miss their smile but isn’t it worse if you miss your own smile more? Don’t do it. Never ever, ever.


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